LSU Presidential candidate Rebecca Bridger enthused a crowd of people in by organising a flash-mob dance in James France on the second Monday of the campaign.

Bridger had around 60 people take part in the stunt which she believed had been a success.

She said: “It went amazingly well, it went terrifically. I had such a good turnout for it.

When asked what the inspiration was for the smile dance she added: “Have you seen the TalkTalk ads and all that sort of thing, …(The Liverpool Street Station T Mobile Advert), and of course the pacman skank.

“I’m going to be door knocking around Elvin and maybe a little bit of Bobby handing out some more smiley cupcakes to some people.”

Earlier in the day Bridger had got week 2 of campaigning well under way this morning, after the major setback of her three-and-half day ban, by planting Elvyn’s quad area with smiley faced balloons.

However, this was then matched by a sea of bright pink balloons across campus, as Taz ‘Fame’ Siddeeque, also running for Union President, had opted for the same approach.

Rebecca said the fact that both candidates had opted for the same stunt was ‘coincidental’.

After breaking election rules concerned with pre-campaigning and receiving a ban, Bridger was pleased with how the results of the EHB Hustings went, but nervous as the Union Hustings loom.

“It’s about making the most of the experience, there is no point looking back on it and having not enjoyed it all.” 

She added that her favourite element of campaigning so far has been “meeting so many new people through the process of ‘door knocking’ around the halls.”

“…And then you see them on a night out and you can talk to them again and you’ve made a friend.”

Rebecca ‘Smile’ Bridger is running against Taz ‘Fame’ Siddeeque for Union President.

 By Lauren Brennan  


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