Head of Media candidate, Anie 'Potter' Davis has revealed that while she is excited for tomorrow night's Union Hustings, she was “very nervous”. 

Davis was left disappointed after Thursdays EHB hustings, after her opponent Chris ‘Android’ Lloyd went first, panicking her and throwing her off course.

But Potter is remaining positive, with the more formal Union hustings still to come on Monday evening, and much more exciting campaigning.

She also suggested that Voldemort may return, as the theme of ‘Harry Potter ‘has had very positive response so far. 

Potter said: “One girl came running up to me and said ‘I am voting for you because I love Harry Potter!“

Potters favourite part of the campaigning process so far has been ‘door knocking’, and hence meeting lots of new people.

“Getting to speak to students about the Media department and listening to their suggestions and opinions”.

She also tweeted yesterday ‘I love door knocking! Am excited for the week ahead :D’.

Potter added that she has been receiving numerous Facebook messages from students keen to learn more about LSU Media, and the available opportunities, which Potter has been more than happy to answer.

“People have been asking really challenging questions, and showing a real interest”.

Her extensive experience within the Media department, including being current station manager of LCR, is shown with her very own ‘Potter Spotter’, a spinoff of LSU’s ‘Totty Spotter’, and ‘Potter TV’ soon to be introduced this coming week.

It is this experience that she hopes will win over voters, although she revealed that Chris’ charismatic persona may give him the edge when voting begins.

She also suggested she has many more tricks up her sleeve, with lots of new “exciting” things to hand out.

Anie ‘Potter’ Davis is running against Chris ‘Android’ Lloyd for Head of Media, in a position widely tipped to be one of the closest in this year’s elections.


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