Lens Committee Applications 2019/20 | Head of Training




Duties and responsibilities:

  • To be responsible for the organisation of all training.
  • Supervision of new volunteers.
  • To keep track, adapt and regularly update a training matrix.
  • Organise one off training sessions to cater to specific aspects of volunteers abilities that could do with improvement.
  • Set the standard of output that is expected from volunteers and to ensure volunteers are of this potential before being given the opportunity to do aura projects.



  • To organise and create sessions of training that target specific qualities.
  • Working with industry level equipment.
  • Ability to set and maintain a standard of quality of output from Lens.


Useful previous experience:

  • A wide range of experience within Lens as a volunteer
  • Involvement with past training sessions


Average time commitment:

  • 10 hours per week


Responsible to:

Head of Lens – Helena Lucas h.lucas-17@student.lboro.ac.uk

Assistant Head of Lens (TBC)


You can apply here. Deadline 24th June.

For more information and all finished applications, contact Chris Leroux.


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