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Tuesday 13th October saw VP Union Affairs, Max Crawford, host the first Student Forum of the year. This involves representatives from sections of the union, halls and courses meeting to chat with the Exec, see what they’ve been up to, find out their future plans and even suggest things that they’d like to see implemented in the future. Last night also saw four candidates running to become the new Postgraduate Development Officer, who sits on Exec alongside the four other DOs.

Max Crawford said this to Label: 

Firstly, I’d like to say a huge congratulations to Leo Rekiaro, our newly elected Postgraduate Development Officer, who was elected to the Executive Team by the Student Forum voting members over some excellent candidates.  Overall, I was very pleased with how Forum went last night. There is definitely room for improvement and creases to iron out; for example, it was felt that some of the procedural voting on proposals at the end of forum was unnecessary and in future I hope to have more time for open discussion instead. However, it was definitely a step in the right direction and there were some great points raised surrounding welfare, constitutional enforcement and housing campaigns, amongst others. I look forward to addressing these areas with the rest of the Exec and moving forward with them in time for the next Student Forum on Tuesday November 17th.

It’s great to hear that Max already knows how he wants to move forward with Forum, already seeing how to build on the foundations that are already there. The evening was one of much interaction from the students and will no doubt continue throughout the 5 remaining Student Forum’s this academic year. Congratulations to Leo on his appointment, we look forward to seeing what he gets up to this year!


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