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As of November 8, more than 6 thousand people have been killed and more than 2 thousand reported missing in central Philippines due to one of the strongest storms ever recorded; Typhoon Haiyan. More than 14 million people have been affected by the storm, some 27 thousand are injured and 2.5 million are in need of food. Philippines have never experienced a storm that has brought so much destruction, with the worst in the city of Tacloban, in the central region.  More than 90% of homes have been wrecked, schools closed, power lost and clean water supplies destroyed.

Thousands of victims remain unburied weeks after the devastating storm, which has left 4.4 million people homeless, and local shelters collapsed – therefore destroying any hope for people to find a safe place to stay, especially children who have lost their families in this deadly natural disaster need the help more than ever. It may seem like November was a long time ago, however, it’s never too late to get involved and help the survivors to deal with the destructions made by the deadliest storm in the history of Philippines. Any donation, no matter how small, will help the children of Philippines to overcome these traumatic events, and help make sure that the death toll will not continue rising after the disaster.

Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) Rawkus Street Dance Society is organizing a charity dance workshop on 3rd February to help the children affected by this disastrous cyclone. All donations will go to the Save the Children Charity, which will provide materials for building shelters to give the children a safe place to stay and provide them with clean water and food, as well as sending mobile health clinics and teams of doctors from the UK. They have helped more than 60 thousand children so far and aim to help 760 thousand people.

There is still more than 50 % of funding needed in order to help the recovery of the central region in Philippines. By coming to the workshop and donating 1 or 2 pounds you can help make a huge difference and help the survivors to start rebuilding their homes and lives. Please come and support the children of Philippines.

Event Details: Loughborough University William Morris Dance Studio

Monday 3rd February 2014

Margarita Novikova


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