What Makes a Successful Campaign?

It’s that time again. The Exec Elections are upon us and the campus will be filled with crazy costumes, sweet givers and inventive campaign ideas. When it comes down to it though, there can only be one winner per position, so what it is that makes for a successful campaign?

1.      The Manifesto Points

Knowing what you want to bring to a position and what you want to change and improve from your predecessor is crucial to an effective campaign. The points should focus on your aims and how you intend to make them happen. The manifesto is where your enthusiasm and understanding of a particular role comes across. It should both relate to the position you are running for and to students. It is students that you will be representing, so tackling issues faced by students will be important.

2.      Campus Presence

Being on campus to give lecture shout-outs, to go round halls or to do a flash mob in lecture buildings, everything builds up and contributes to students being aware of your campaign and your ideas. If you can figure out when the busiest times are on campus, that’s your best bet. On the same note, if you get an opportunity to talk individually to students, let them know how your manifesto will benefit them. For example, if you’re running for AU President ask them what they think of the AU, whether they are involved in any sports etc.

3.      Crazy Costumes

One of the most memorable parts of Exec Elections is the costumes. Whether you dress up as a country, a fruit, an animal, your costume is the easiest way for people to recognise you on campus. And the possibilities are endless. Previous costumes have ranged from the seas to the skies. Maintaining a theme to your campaign and a clever twist on your name helps your campaign to remain in people’s memories. It’s also a fun way to get your points across, and an excuse to walk around in fancy dress.

4.      Your team

The people supporting your campaign and backing your decision are there to spread your name and campaign around campus when you need them to or when you can’t be in two places at once. It’s also important that you all work and co-operate with each other effectively to ensure the success of your campaign.

Personally, I always look forward to Exec Elections and am excited to see what the candidates will come up with this year. 


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