Written by: Caitlin Phillips

Exploring the Trend: “Girl Maths” and the hidden implications behind it. Is it something purely positive, or is there a sinister undertone?

In the ever-evolving world of social media, TikTok continues to be at the forefront of shaping trends and starting up new conversations. One recent trend that has been all over my socials is “Girl Maths”. However, the word ‘maths’ loosely relates to this concept as it’s more about how women gaslight themselves into believing that they aren’t spending that much money!   

Some of my favourite examples of “Girl Maths” are listed below:

– Paying in cash = free.

– Refunds = free money.

– Spending no money on Monday = double the budget for Tuesday.

– Paying for a holiday in advance = free holiday later.

– Buying expensive clothes is an investment – if I break the cost down ‘per-wear’.

– Is something I want on sale? I am losing money by not buying it now.

– Friends sending you the money they owe you = money made.

– 2 items that are both 50% off cancel each other out.

Obviously, these aren’t all technically true, but we ARE actively contributing to the economy… aren’t we…?

But why do we need an excuse to buy ourselves nice things?

I personally haven’t seen a “Boy Maths” video, have you? Why do women feel the need to rationalise the purchases they make? And why do men seem to care less? We shouldn’t have to feel guilty for getting ourselves a girlie treat! The internal bargaining we do in our heads daily (for me, at least!) shouldn’t stem from insecurities about whether we deserve to spend OUR money!

Although… overspending can be harmful (sorry!)

Being a university student and getting that initial student finance payment is exhilarating – until I realise I’m about to spend it all on rent – ugh! Having a part-time job on the side was great; still, whether my money was spent on alcohol or an order from Motel Rocks, I constantly felt guilty about spending! I knew the money would be better spent on necessities, but small treats to “better my mental health” felt like necessities. My advice to you, as a retired over-spender, is to consider how the purchase will benefit you in the long term! If it is something you’ll get bored of or will only provide you with 5 seconds of happiness, you need to ask yourself if it is truly worth it!  

Remember to treat yourself, though! This doesn’t have to be a huge thing; popping for a coffee or buying a cute candle from TKMaxx is the ultimate form of self-care. At the end of the day, it’s all about spending within your means! However, you shouldn’t be putting yourself in a position where you’re choosing between eating for the week or buying Oh Polly’s new collection! 

 Lose the guilt – but only if you can afford to!

Designed by: Aaron smyth


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