It is important to promote creativity in a society which is increasingly attempting to devalue the Arts

Ella Thorpe, MA Student in Contemporary Literature and Culture

From the 30th of May to the 2nd June there is a student-led literary festival happening on campus, specifically the east side, from Martin Hall to the Design School. As part of the Masters curriculum in ‘Creative Writing and the Writing Industries’ and ‘Contemporary Literature and Culture’, the students are working together, with LUArts, to organise, advertise, and run an array of literary themed events across the weekend.

It has been a busy semester for the students so far, from reaching out to countless authors, and dealing with budget guidelines, there have certainly been a few stressful moments; but, as the time draws closer, excitement is building. There are three confirmed authors set to hold readings, workshops, and discussions over the weekend and each has been purposefully chosen for their contribution to the literary world and the impact their work has had on so many readers.

On Thursday 30th May, LU Literary Festival is running two events with the legendary author of eighteen books, Jasper Fforde. He is holding a creative writing workshop in the afternoon, and a talk in the evening, both on fantastical fiction.

You can gain an insight into the Masters in ‘Creative Writing and the Writing Industries’ on Friday 31st May by attending the student readings and grabbing yourself a slice of cake.

On Saturday 1st June, the poet, mental health activist and artist (also on the Forbes 30 under 30) Charly Cox will be hosting a reading of poems from her published collection and subsequent discussion after.

The final day, Sunday 2nd June, will see award – winning classicist and speaker Emily Hauser discuss what historical fiction can do for us in re-imagining the voices of women in Ancient Greek myths; what did Helen really look like? Did the Amazons really cut off one of their breasts to fight in battle at Troy?

I’m sure the sound of these events are already convincing you to attend, but if you are still unsure, hear this….the tickets are completely FREE! As the festival is student-led, and they understand (more than anyone) that funds are often tight, they wanted to ensure that their events cannot be gatekept by prices.

It is great to have such an exciting opportunity that is accessible to everyone.

Chloe Cheng, MA Student in Creative Writing and the Writing Industries

When talking to Chloe Cheng and Ella Thorpe, students on the masters courses, they said that ‘it is important to promote creativity in a society which is increasingly devaluing the arts’ and ‘it is great to have such an exciting opportunity that is accessible to everyone’.

All of the information for the Literary Festival can be found below and if you are interested, then click the LinkTree which will take you to all the social media handles, and the free ticket booking website!

The students hope to see you there!



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