Drake Bell, Amanda Bynes, Ariana Grande, and Jeanette McCurdy – four child stars that worked at Nickelodeon. But at what cost.

This docuseries investigates some of abuse that child stars endured at Nickelodeon in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. From inappropriate sexual humour on screen, to sexual abuse behind closed doors. Several child stars feature in the series, opening up about their personal experiences on and off set.

Coming to the UK on Discovery+ Monday 25th March.

It is a hard series to watch, making viewers question what they naively watched in their childhood. But is necessary to opening up the conversations about protection for child actors (and now influencers). The show discusses predators Dan Schneider, Brian Peck, and Jason Handy. The impact these men had on many of our favourite stars as children is heart breaking.

Actors such as Jerry Trainor (Spencer on iCarly) have since publicly cut ties with Nickelodeon. The show has also blown up on TikTok with many creators delving into theories around who else has been effected that is yet to speak out. Whilst watching the show will not be enjoyable, in fact you will likely be outraged, it is extremely informative and eye opening to the reality that these child stars went through – many having their childhood ruined whilst they made ours.


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