With the summer term beginning on Monday 26th April, the University had planned to take a similar teaching approach as in Semester 1 in the autumn term. Due to updated government guidelines, at the end of the Easter break, all London students will not be able to attend live lectures until May 17th.

As the spring term comes to end, better times are certainly in sight, with the government roadmap aiming for the 21st of June for the return to normal; we hope that this will not be delayed. It has been demanding for us all, but for making it through, we should all be proud of ourselves and our resilience.

The January starters in particular, who have been thrown into the deep end with Collaborative Project and dissertation in their first term, will hopefully be able to relax and experience Uni life for their masters’ studies. The students in the UK have all our sympathy, joining Uni in the middle of the third National Lockdown, after the UK’s biggest spike.

Once on campus, all students will be asked to take a free Covid-19 test at least once a week. As the Chief Operating Officer, Richard Taylor, states: ‘’This is essential because we already know that it is having a major positive impact on how we can minimize Covid-19 transmission in the student community and provide reassurance to our community’’. Therefore, we do encourage each student to adhere to such requests, for the safety and the wellbeing of us all.

Besides, the Postgraduate Support & Social Network (PSSN) has started leading social activities for students to network. PSSN hosted its first in-person session on campus (located in the Future Space – ground floor) yesterday. As a big welcome to term three, the group is about to lead a social quiz for students to come along and meet their peers.

Also, from Monday 12th April, the Student Services desk has been open for students to visit. Located on the fourth floor, there will be an in-person presence from 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 3pm, Monday to Friday.

As a gentle reminder, if you are experiencing anxiety or concerns of any kind, please remember that there is always support available: Welfare and Student Services will be active on campus, alongside online.

Article by Sabrina Florenzano


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