Lockdown restrictions are easing, leading many students who are finishing their degrees this year (and last year) to wonder what’s happening with Graduation this summer. 

In February, Loughborough University announced that Graduation would be taking place for both 2020 and 2021 graduates in July, with 2020 Graduation taking place on the week commencing 19th July, and 2021 Graduation taking place the week after.

Their statement included a piece from Robert Allison, Vice-Chancellor, “We are committed to providing everyone with the opportunity to conclude their Loughborough journey in style and celebrate on campus with family, loved ones, friends and staff”.

At the time, there was speculation as to what Grad Ball, organised by Loughborough Students’ Union, would look like, or even if it would happen. We have yet to hear from the Students’ Union as to their plans for Grad Ball, although Label can confirm that Grad Ball (or maybe even two Grad Balls) will be going ahead. Richard Taylor, Chief Operating Officer for the University, confirmed this on Twitter this morning:

On the plans for Graduation, he added that “There will have to be a number of changes to the normal arrangements” but that the University is “confident” that it will be a “fitting and comparable” experience and not a “poor imitation.”

“In normal times we would, around now, begin to inform those attending of the specific day. Because of the need to plan for different Covid situations this will take us a little longer than usual, but we hope to provide a specific day to students shortly.”

When asked if this applies to Loughborough London students as well, Mr. Taylor said “Yes”.

“Our plans are consistent and comfortably deliverable within the Government’s stated roadmap” he added, saying that “If there was a change that caused the Government to significantly re-escalate measures [the plans for Graduation] would have to change” but he said that it was “right” for the University to plan for Graduation with “some optimism”.

As and when more details about Graduation and Grad Ball are confirmed we will endeavour to update the student population. 


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