Olivia Rodrigo has recently released her new single, deja vu, three months after her debut single, drivers license, was released. Label volunteer, Louise Peart, offers her perspective on Rodrigo’s new song.

More than a Disney Star, eighteen-year-old Olivia Rodrigo’s song writing abilities shot her to nine weeks of reign over the UK charts with the release of driver’s license – that’s the longest lead for a debut single in 15 years. Although, her new psychedelic song, deja vu, has yet to reach the heights of Rodrigo’s debut single, coming in at Number 27 in the UK Official Charts.

The release of deja vu – which nods to the styles of Lorde, Lauv and Taylor Swift – showcases the teen’s ability to sing more than just a breakup ballad. In an interview with Rolling Stone , Rodrigo explains: “We really want to show that I’m a versatile songwriter and a versatile artist. I can make heartbreak songs but I can also make cool alternative pop songs.” Certain lines in the song – in particular, ‘I know you get deja vu’- have taken TikTok by storm as it is hurled against a certain singer’s line ‘I love you ain’t that the best thing you’ve ever heard’ (looking at you, Taylor). There’s no denying the catalytic role TikTok plays by fuelling a song’s popularity in trending videos, and Rodrigo has addressed her obsession with Taylor Swift’s music multiple times through her own TikTok and Instagram.

Once again, Rodrigo finds herself spectator to an ex, but from a new perspective that focuses more on the love interest of a new relationship. Specific details – reruns of Glee, Billy Joel, strawberry ice cream – dig into the feelings when one person moves on before the other, and transfers all the ‘best parts’ of one relationship seamlessly to the next. deja vu asks the question: are you being missed or are you simply being replaced?

Starting from the singular line, ‘When she was with you do you get deja vu? in her notes app, the song was co-written with producer Dan Nigro in just one day. However, it took months to produce in-between Rodrigo’s filming for Disney’s High School Musical spin off show. Speculation is also growing as to who exactly Rodrigo writes her songs about – with deja vu being set to continue the love triangle saga between co-star Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter.

Olivia Rodrigo has also announced that her debut album is set to drop 21st May, and with the success of her first couple of songs, I’m sure it’ll take the industry by storm!


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