As England starts to reopen again, and with the rule of six still in place, volunteer writer Louise Peart talks you through planning the perfect picnic for six.

A picnic is the easiest and most fun way to meet up with friends while complying with the easing of lockdown rules. With more sunny days ahead (optimism is the best policy here), here’s how to throw the perfect picnic for 6…

Where to sit

Where you chose to eat, drink and soak up the rays is crucial to a pleasant picnic experience. A field where you won’t get dodged with a football is always preferable, too. Favourite spots of mine include the walled garden next to parcels, the top of the hill by Holywell, or the paddock if it’s a quieter day. If you want to get off campus, Loughborough Park or Beacon Hill make great destinations too.  A picnic blanket is also a well-worth investment, allowing you to stretch out in full comfort without the impending doom of grass stains on your favourite jeans.

What to drink

Day drinking is of course optional, but all part of the 15+ degree England experience. Cans are best; they stay relatively cool and are easy to slip into a bag – without the clangs of glass, a relic of the echo falls-in-a-field-days (if you know, you know).  Aldi has a great range of canned cocktails that are super affordable, but if you’re willing to splash out, M&S’s peach on the beach is the way to go. Alternatively, fruit juices or smoothies never go amiss, along with paper cups and straws.

What to wear

If it’s warm enough to eat al fresco, it’s probably warm enough to bring out the summer wardrobe. Long, flowy skirts are ideal for sitting in, and practical too for when the wind changes direction. Beware of jeans that you can’t sit cross-legged in and cut the blood supply from the belly button up. Be sure to remember sun cream, especially if you’re wearing a strappy top, and remember sunglasses for all that people watching. It’s always a good idea to bring a jumper, too, for the cooler evenings.

What to listen to

If you have a portable speaker, bring it. As long as you’re not that person who blasts D&B for the whole field to hear, chilled music in the background helps to set the mood and create the ultimate chilled atmosphere. Some great Spotify playlists for this include: Chilled Pop Hits, Indie Pop, A Perfect Day and Chilled Afternoon. 

Et voila! All we need now is sunny weather, preferably before deadline season sets upon us!

Header by volunteer designer Molly Goldby


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