Having virtually disappeared from the political arena since his replacement took office, the question of everyone’s minds is still ‘what next for Donald Trump?’. Volunteer writer Ishaq Adams gives us his view on the situation and his prediction.

Another failed impeachment, a landmark wall on the southern border with Mexico and the accusation toward the emerging global superpower, China, of crimes that have not been seen for over half a century. These were the last days of the 45th President of the United States, a presidency that will without a doubt go down in history as perhaps one of the most successful but simultaneously one of the most divisive.

The question now that should be directed to ‘The Office Of the Former President’, which is so engaging that those across the world (including at our very own university) would love to answer is: what next for Donald Trump, Trumpism and the GOP?  Donald Trump’s first, and to this date only, public appearance of a political nature since his successor Joe Biden took office was his appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) where he was met with as much if not more applause and popularity than seen during his reign as President.

Astronomical percentages were noted, the most notable of which being that 95 per cent said they wished the Republican Party to advance Trump’s policies – this, seemingly, is Donald Trump’s grand plan. Replace those, such as Mitt Romney, who betrayed Trump at the now notorious second impeachment for the incitement of violence at the capital, and replace them with Trump candidates who boast Trump policies and are loyal to, yes you guessed it, Trump and Trump alone.

Whilst Trump has only teased at a 2024 run, it shock very few if he did indeed make a comeback;  who else does the Republican party have who commands such adoration, loyalty and, as was seen unfortunately on the 6th January, seemingly undying loyalty. In truth, the best chance at being rid of ‘the Donald’ whilst keeping his loyal fan base is to look towards his family who have political ambitions of their own. It is extremely unlikely that any in Donald Trump’s most trusted family circle would betray another, as has been seen in the past four years, however if Trump were to not run in 2024, due to age or other political pressures, Ivanka Trump alongside Donald Trump Jr would both be likely candidates the GOP have at their disposal who would keep the near fanatic loyalty of Trump supporters in the GOP.


With Biden joking that he misses Trump, and the 46th President’s first months in office a disaster, many will be predicting a Trump landslide if he chose to run again in 2024 against this bumbling, out of touch and seemingly over his head President. 4 years is of course a long time, and time will reveal all, however it is my prediction that we cannot out rule a Trump 2024 presidential run, in fact I would put my money in it.


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Article edited by Connor Wade – Politics Editor


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