More than half of undergraduate students are ‘very concerned’ or ‘quite concerned’ about how the return to university in January will operate according to a recent survey. 

The survey, conducted by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), revealed opinions on how Coronavirus has affected students’ higher education studies.

54% of students who filled out this survey stated that they were very or quite concerned about returning to campus in January, while less than a fifth (19%) stated that they were very or quite unconcerned.

These findings follow the announcement of a staggered return for students after Christmas on the 2nd December.

The HEPI survey also asked students about their experiences with online learning during the semester, with more than half (59%) of students saying they are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘quite satisfied’ with the online learning their university has replaced face-to-face teaching with.

This has increased from 42% in June 2020 and 49% in March 2020.

Rachel Hewitt, Director of Policy and Advocacy at HEPI, said that their findings made it “clear that the Government need to publish guidance on this as soon as is possible so students can be confident about getting back to their studies in the New Year.”

Emma Hardy, Shadow Universities Minister, said that the government has “finally listened to Labour’s calls to set out a plan for the safe return of students to university in January.

“However, the delay in providing this guidance has caused huge, unnecessary stress for students and universities.”

Label reached out to some Loughborough students to ask about their thoughts and opinions on the return to Loughborough in January.

One student said “I’m not particularly concerned with the return to university because everyone managed to move into uni at the start of the year and so the university will have experience getting everyone moved in safely.”

In contrast, another student that they are worried there will be similar outbreak levels to the beginning of the academic year, or “potentially even worse.”



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