Charnwood Borough Council is in negotiations with the NHS about using its Loughborough offices as a potential vaccination centre.

The news follows the announcements from several pharmaceutical companies announcing that they have developed successful vaccines for COVID-19.

In a statement released this morning, Charnwood Borough Council confirmed that they were in discussions with the NHS but that the “details are yet to be finalised” and that this is still “only a proposal at this stage.”

The Borough Council did state that they “will do anything we can to support the battle against this virus” and has already “supported residents and local businesses throughout the pandemic” and that if their proposal to the NHS is successful “we would be proud to play our part in the vaccination programme.”

Charnwood Borough Council stated that “our understanding is the centre could open mid-December.”

The news was originally broken by Johnathan Morgan, Leader of the Council, on Twitter…

Loughborough students are due to return home at the end of the national lockdown, and courses end in-person teaching on the 9th December. All students are encouraged to take a test before they leave for Christmas – but are expected to be the last on the list for the COVID-19 vaccine after almost every other demographic.


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