Label volunteer, Leah Langley, tells us about her favourite song and why this song is her favourite.

My favourite song is ‘Warrior’ by Demi Lovato. The track appears on Lovato’s fourth studio album, titled ‘Demi,’ and it quickly became a fan favourite for many reasons. For me, it hit in a more personal way than I ever could have expected.

The song details the struggles that Demi has faced in her short life, many of which are relatable to my own personal experience. She sings about wanting to move on from her past and not have it define who she is anymore, despite the very real scars that have been left behind by the experiences that she has had. For me, the lyrics: “I’ve got shame, I’ve got scars, that I will never show/I’m a survivor, in more ways than you know,” were particularly poignant. As most people do, I have chapters to my story that people are not aware of. I think it can often be easy to feel overwhelmed by the battles that we have faced, oftentimes in silence, and to think that we have to hide the scars that we have. Knowing that all my scars, metaphorical and physical, are a part of who I am today has always been a tricky concept to wrap my head around as I often wanted to shy away from them and pretend that they didn’t exist. However, this ode made me realise that I have an undeniable strength as I have made it through all the experiences that I have ever faced.

“I’m a warrior, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been,” were also lyrics that stood out for me. It can be hard to remember that we have the strength to get through the tough times and it can often be the case that we are left feeling defeated, but these words remind me that each battle just makes me that much stronger and more able to face whatever comes my way. Towards the end of the song, “Now I’m taking back my life today,” are the words that are voiced; these lyrics are ones that have stuck. Knowing that we each have the strength within us to take back what has been taken from us is a lesson that really sticks with me. Being reminded that we have the ability to take hold of our life and do whatever we dream of is something that I have resonated deeply with.

The overall message of ‘Warrior’ encourages you to stand up tall, fight strong, and keep going, no matter what life throws your way, and that is a message that I think we should all remember.



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