Following its success over Freshers, and the packed pubs across town last Friday night, Loughborough Students’ Union has today announced the return of the Social Distanced Social Club.

Many students have noticed the erection of a tent in the LSU carpark over the week, with one member of the public telling Label “I almost parked in it!”

This lead to many wondering what was going on, well no longer, today on social media, LSU announced the return of the successful Socially Distanced Social Club. 

The news follows reports of pubs across Loughborough town having no space for punters last Friday night, with many turning away students and locals alike.

Label has seen reports that the ‘social club’ is to have an ‘Amazon Rainforest’ theme, and is part of the wider effort to return social activity to the Union building following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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