Elections for the Union’s Board of Trustees and Democracy & Representation Committee are now open. So why should you vote in this year’s elections, and what do the committees do?

The Board of Trustees is the highest body of the Union, responsible for its management, staff and administration, and is able to exercise all powers of the Union. There are three subcommittees: Executive (formed of the five Union Executive Officers), Finance and Risk, and HR and Renumeration.

The Democracy and Representation Committee (DRC) is the Union’s elected student body, and is responsible for providing a platform for the voices of all Students to be heard, and setting the policy of the Union (including calling Referendums). They also have three subcommittees: Discipline, Elections, and Performance Review.

Why Vote?

  1. You can determine which voices are heard at the very top of your Students’ Union. The Board of Trustees has the final say on where your money gets spent, what the Union’s long-term strategy should be, and even have the power to hire and fire the Union Director!
  2. You can choose who will hold your Exec Team to account in the DRC Performance Review Subcommittee. The Democracy and Representation Committee have the ability to review Executive Officer performance, and even remove them in the case of a vote of no confidence!
  3. The people you vote for will hold the final decision on disciplinary matters in the DRC Discipline Subcommittee. This DRC subcommittee decides on Union disciplinary matters from students if they appeal against the Vice President’s initial decision.
  4. Your elected members will decide on your ideas! DRC monitors and reviews ideas suggested by students alongside the Exec to the LSU Ideas Forum!
  5. You will give your new Board and DRC members legitimacy and the power to act! By voting, you’ll make sure power stays with the students, and that you can influence the direction of your Students’ Union!

How does it work?

There are 5 student vacancies on the Board of Trustees, and 15 positions open on the Democracy and Representation Committee!

The election works proportionally, so you can vote for as many, or as little, of the candidates as you like by ordering them! You can also vote to Re-Open Nominations (R.O.N.) if you decide the candidates remaining aren’t up to the job!

Voting is now open, and closes at 4pm on Friday 9th October.

Student Trustee Candidates 2020-21

Emily Hook Owen Henderson
Alin-Octavian Scridon Emily Turnbull
Muhammad Afzal Amie Woodyatt
Matthew Brown R.O.N. (Re-Open Nominations)

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Democracy and Representation Committee Candidates 2020-21

Harvie Chaperlin Benjamin Cooke
George Johnson Muhammad Afzal
Matthew Taylor Shreya Thakrar
Benjamin Andrews Emily Turnbull
Gaurav Vangani Livia Watts
Charlotte Style Jack Smith
Joshua Gray Christopher Leroux
Siddharth Jain R.O.N. (Re-Open Nominations)

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