Loughborough Students’ Union has today announced its “Freshers Line-up” for Freshers’ 2020 including events such as “Crazy Golf” and a “Big Quiz”

The announcement follows a statement by Union President Matt Youngs on Friday, which outlined the Students’ Union’s intentions for Freshers including holding the Freshers’ Bazaar digitally.

The Freshers Line-Up announced today include the following events:

  • Big Quiz
  • Crazy Golf
  • Fairground
  • Petting Zoo
  • DJ Sets
  • Craft Workshops
  • LSU Carnival
  • Vintage Sale
  • Sh*t Prize Bingo
  • Zumba and Yoga
  • Cabaret Night
  • The Indie Club (featuring ‘special guests’)
  • LSU Comedy Club
  • ‘Oktobersesh’
  • Socially Distanced ‘Social Club’
  • Virtual Sports and Activities Bazaars

It is unclear as to what will be held digitally and what will be in person as of yet, however, LSU has said that events are subject to Government guidelines and that every event follows the guidance on social distancing.

After the ‘rule of 6’ came into force today, the Students’ Union and Loughborough University have had to rapidly change their original plans for both Freshers’ and social activities, though there are exceptions to the ‘rule of 6’ which can apply to certain volunteering and sporting activities.

If you want to see the minute-long video where they announced the Line-Up for yourself you can view it here:

The Students’ Union will be releasing “section-specific updates on student-group activity” starting this Wednesday and will be releasing a detailed list of events taking place during Freshers on Friday.


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