Loughborough Students will face 14 day ‘bans’ from campus if found to have breached the Government’s COVID-19 rules and guidelines, the University has announced.

Following the Government’s announcement this afternoon on the changes to the law in regards to COVID restrictions, the University has issued a strong warning to students considering breaking the law and ignoring social distancing guidelines.

In an email sent to all students, the University has outlined “7 golden rules” to prevent the spread of COVID-19 both on and off campus

The Vice-Chancellor stated that he has received multiple reports of “student house parties” over the summer, and has a “legal responsibility” to protect others from the risk of coronavirus spread caused by soon-to-be-illegal gatherings.

The “7 golden rules” to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  1. Protect others by staying at home if you need or are required to do so.
  2. Wear face coverings where required in enclosed areas including inside University buildings.
  3. Maintain good hygiene, in particular by washing or sanitising your hands regularly.
  4. Walk or cycle around the campus whenever possible.
  5. Follow guidance while moving around campus and pay attention to signs and pedestrian one-way systems.
  6. Follow any advice given by staff, such as the Security Team and our special COVID-19 Ambassadors.
  7. Do not breach Government rules on indoor social gatherings.

As a result of the University’s new policy “Students resident in the house where the social gathering has taken place will be deemed to present a Covid-19 risk. They will immediately be denied access to all areas of the University campus for 14 days.”

If students breach the 14-day campus ban, they will be immediately suspended and excluded for the remainder of the academic year.

This ban will encompass all areas of campus including halls, sports and activities at LSU – a policy which the Union President, Matt Youngs, has endorsed.

Prof. Allison has warned that if students have missed practical classes as a consequence of their ban, and miss work, “this will impact on end-of-year results” due to their “inconsiderate behaviour”.

Loughborough University’s Director of Student Services, Manuel Alonso, had today criticised the Government about the “endless questions and uncertainty” the announcement by the Government made.

The new rule has been dubbed “the rule of six” and replaces the previous limit of 30 people from 2 households – although there will be limited exceptions including hospitality, gyms, work and education settings.

The Prime Minister today has said that “these measures are not another national lockdown” and pleaded with students that are going back to University to follow the new rules.

‘COVID Secure Marshalls’ will also be introduced across towns and cities up and down the country to assist local councils in enforcing social distancing.

England Cheif Medical Officer Chris Whitty today warned that cases have “risen really quite sharply” amongst 17-21 year olds since mid-August.

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