Returning Media volunteer, Meg Jocson Ong, shares what helps her on the journey towards self-love.

We currently live in a world driven by social media and the constant need for other people’s validation. I personally have always taken other people’s thoughts into account whenever I do absolutely anything – whether that’s posting a picture online or picking my outfit. I especially used to care about what they thought of me. I think there is no better way to start my journey towards self-love than the present.

Something must have come across my mind one morning when I decided that I shouldn’t care about what people thought about my appearance, likes, dislikes, and other attributes that define who I am as an individual.

Since then, I have been doing some activities and actions to work on self-love that I believe may help others too on their journey towards self-love.

  1. Writing

I personally think that writing is a transformational activity.

I found that I have learned more about myself by writing in a journal and place thoughts I could never express out loud (like my love for boxed macaroni and cheese). Kidding aside, I do believe that writing helps you reflect on your daily activities, your friends, and most importantly, yourself. It is also a good place to show gratitude to yourself for the things you are capable to achieve alone! The more I write in my journal the more I noticed the way I act towards certain situations and or issues, allowing me to learn and grow.

  1. You First!

As selfish as it sounds, you should be putting yourself first. Make the time to practice self-care; have a spa day, taking time off social media, or clean your room. I am sure I’m not the only one who feels like a whole new person after they clean their living space. Self-care also means knowing what is best for you – whether that’s eating healthier, working out, cutting off toxic people, or spending more time with someone else. No one will know you better than you!

  1. Doing what you love

I think an important step in the journey towards self-love is doing an activity you love. It’s a good practice of mindfulness and feeds the soul. Doing this will make you more passionate and, hopefully, happier.

I’m still on my journey towards self-love. There is always more room for improvement and growth. These tips helped me begin my journey, and I hope they can aid others too.

Featured image by Clara Clok


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