Media volunteer, Rahul Mathasing, discusses the hotly anticipated Disney+.

The year is 2250; Disney’s armies march across the barren wasteland of the future with little fear of contention; a feeling they first discovered in the early 21st Century – the early days of acquisition. Few of us remember the old days. 
Bit macabre…? Well that’s the way it looks to be going as Disney are set to further launch their Streaming platform. Disney+ will be live in the UK on March 24th, alongside Sky as a partner. 
The official Launch in November 2019 brought with it the usual technical difficulties, and many of the reported 10 million pre-subscribers were left wanting, much of their anticipation wasted. A number of the exclusive back-catalogue, including old classics such as: “X-Men (Animated Series)”; “Kim Possible”; and “The Simpsons”, are still currently missing episodes and, in some cases, presented out of order. 
Such problems are surely to be expected though? With such a large and ever growing catalogue of material, it can be difficult to track and order everything at once. This is one major benefit of a rolling launch – it gives Disney time to iron(man) out these details. 
For only £5.99 per month, or £59.99 a year, with a nice little standard 7-day trial period, you too can enjoy the new and old Disney material, including all the exclusive shows now being produced for the service, like The Mandalorian. 
BUT WAIT, there’s more! 
For those of you who are keener than the keenest of beans, Disney has of course factored in that unbridled enthusiasm in an effort to both please fans and drain their fiscal resources. 
From Monday 24th February until Monday 23rd March, you can take advantage of their “Pre-Sale Deal”, which instead of £59.99, will only set you back £49.99 for the year. 
Lovely stuff. Thanks Disney. 
What are you paying for then? 
Well everything, basically…. Disney has been on an acquisition mission in the last decade or so, and the number of companies, properties and licenses it now owns spans across all of our favourite things. 

As well as the old school Disney classics (The Little Mermaid and Lion King, yo), you can also expect the new school remakes and made-for-streaming shows, much like we would have seen on the Disney Channel back in the day.  
In case you are losing track though, Disney+ will host any and all content from places such as: Marvel; Star Wars; Fox; Pixar; and National Geographic.  
With The Mandalorian garnering enormous praise following its launch on the service, there’s no doubt that Disney will be back to form with its original content, and with so many properties now under the umbrella, there’s no limit to what they can potentially produce. 
Disney Army, here we come… 


Featured image by Frankie Stevens.


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