Label’s Head of Social Media, Leah Langley, shares what she would say to her future self if she had the opportunity.

To My Future Self,

I hope that things are better for you. I hope that you feel like you know who you are. I hope that you have found more meanings to life. I hope that you actually feel like you’re living now. I hope you’re able to find joy every day and realise just how beautiful the world is.

I hope you’re still volunteering and helping people in any way that you can. Please never forget just how much helping others has helped you. If it’s been too long, then please get out there and do some good. Volunteering picked you up every time that you were down and gave you the freedom from your mind that you craved. Please don’t give it up.

I hope that you are still fiercely protecting your friends and family. When you couldn’t fight for yourself, you always made sure you fought for them, being there whenever you needed them. I hope you have learned to not neglect your own health and happiness when you are looking after everyone else. Your friends are your family and you have a fair few of them. Accept their love and be there to return it. It’s one thing you’ve always prided yourself on. You’ve made several mistakes in who you’ve trusted, but you know the ones that always have your back and will always continue to be by your side.

I hope you have stopped letting your voice be silenced. You’ve spent too long hiding what you are passionate about and only letting your words be heard on paper, rather than out loud. I hope you’ve finally started sharing your writing a little further and giving people an insight into what it is that you care so deeply about. Your words deserve to be heard. I hope you’ve started sharing these with a larger crowd too. Although your friends are quite happy to listen to you ranting on about the state of the world, others may enjoy the conversation even more.

I hope that you are happy, and I don’t just mean pretend happy. I hope you’ve finally realised just how appreciated you are and how much of a difference you have made to so many people’s lives. I hope you’ve realised that the majority of the people that told you they cared about you did genuinely mean it. I hope you’ve stopped shutting people out and you’re finally accepting the love that you deserve.

Please never stop fighting for what you believe in. Keep caring about your friends and family as much as you do. Pick up a book and lose yourself in a new world from time to time. Don’t forget to watch Disney films. Keep listening to music, and writing your days away. Remember to get out and listen to the sounds of the world once in a while, and don’t forget to smile. You’re amazing and you’ve got this. You’ve already gotten through so much and you can keep fighting even longer.


The present you x

Featured image by Sarah Hannaford


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