Media volunteer Amie Woodyatt immerses us into a live performance from Twin Peaks in Nottingham.

The sky is a violet shade of blue; white and red lights flash as planes coast between clouds; I take one last sniff of the outside air, laced with traces of cigarette smoke and chips, and step into The Bodega. 

A spaceman in a jar is stamped onto my hand before I make my way up the stairs into the smoky attic bar. Merch meets us as we walk in. 

Who let the tuna drive? 

Drink in hand, we grab a shiny square of black and white snaps in the photo booth before making our way through the blue haze as Chicago-based Deeper open the gig. 

Drums carry the double guitar melodies through the room as Nic Gohl leads the room in indie swaying. 

A strong bass leads into the last song before a short break. Cymbals echo in my ears as I adjust to the sudden loss of noise. 

Is anyone wearing any footwear other than Docs or Vans? Upon closer inspection: no. 

Guitarist and pianist Colin Croom warms up next to my ear on his left-hand Fender Telecaster, testing out his well-worn Dunlop Fuzzface and Strymon El Capistan tape echo pedals. I sit on the edge of the stage, eagerly waiting to hear the set. 

A glowing alien lies supine on another custom pedal board. 


Under the Pines opens the show; the crowd sing along as the guitars fill every corner of the room. Two Carlsberg stand beside the lead singer. 

Getting Better introduces piano and relaxed vocals, but it’s not long into the set before audience members are jumping around the dance floor in standard indie rock fashion. This could be a Klaxons gig and it wouldn’t be any different – the Chicago boys know how to work the crowd! 

Tossing Tears, Holding Roses and Blue Coupe all hold the attention of the room. Blues-influenced solos and reverbing chords move through bodies, erupting into cheer at the end of every song. 

Carlsberg spills down an amp. 

A girl dances with King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard on her shirt. 

A moment of panic; the lead singer’s guitar strap falls off mid-song. Deeper’s Nic runs on stage and reconnects the strap to guitar, leaving Cadien with a quick kiss on the cheek. 

This is the sort of gig where trebles ring in your ears while the bass and drums simultaneously reverberate in your lungs; that energy bounces through the crowd. We’re breathing the music.  

We head out after Wanted You; the slower chorus being collectively lived by every soul in the room. 

Cheering behind us, we make our way back onto the streets of Nottingham, joining the swathes of students.  

Cheers, Twin Peaks; a night to remember


Featured image by Amie Woodyatt & Photo by Sofia Azcona


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