Meg Jocson-Ong gives us the lowdown on recent Netflix releases. 

As the Christmas season is upon us and the outdoors is getting colder, I expect a lot of us would be staying indoors with thick blankets, a hot drink and Netflix turned on (when we’re taking a break from university of course). I’m pretty certain Netflix saw this coming because they’ve been releasing a lot of new TV series and movies almost every single week so far. Here are some of the films and tv series I’m looking forward to watching over the next few weeks – that is when I find the time to watch it:

1.The Movies that Made Us

I think it’s safe to say that I am no stranger to binge watching. Movies have always been a big part of my life growing up and I guess that’s why I’m doing Communication and Media Studies. That being said, I am really psyched to see the new Netflix Original documentary series “The Movies that Made Us”. This is a spin off from their other hit series – The Toys That Made Us. The first season of this docu-series follows the following top box office films from the 1980s: Die Hard, Home Alone, Dirty Dancing, and Ghostbusters. Each episode includes interviews with some of the actors, directors and industry insiders and delve into how the film affected the audiences at the time and how it even affects our generation today. I’m personally excited to see what happened behind the scenes of some of my favourite movies. I can only expect myself to get excited enough to even watch the mentioned films after watching each episode! This docu-series will be on Netflix from the 29th of November.

2. Going the Distance

This 2010 film starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long is the only production on my list that isn’t a Netflix Original, but is something I look forward to watching because I really enjoy feel good romantic comedy movies. This film follows a couple in their 20s who venture into the world of a long-distance relationship.  I still don’t know how I haven’t seen this movie yet, but based on the reviews I’ve read online and constant praise from my friends, I can’t wait for this to go live on Netflix. Going the Distance will be on Netflix from the 1st of December.

3. V Wars

Ian Somerhalder is back with new vampire TV series! However, V Wars is nothing like Somerhalder’s previous hit vampire tv series, The Vampire Diaries. This is darker than his previous show and is based on a comic written by Jonathan Maberry. In this TV series, Somerhalder is Dr Luther Swann and discovers a peculiar virus that causes other people to become – you guessed it – vampires!  I cannot wait to start binge watching this during the winter holidays – it’s out on Netflix on the 5th of December.

There are so many other TV series and movies that I could add to this list but I promise that this list is always ever-growing as Netflix is constantly releasing content. Although I’ve only suggested three, I’m certain you’ll find something to your liking on Netflix as they have almost everything ranging from korean drama to fan favourite tv series.


Featured image by Sara Hannaford.


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