Volunteer Label writer, Emily Jackson, provides a detailed analysis of CBD and the new rise of medical marijuana to help with debilitating health problems.

Medical marijuana and CBD products have caused moral, political and scientific debates and discussions not just nationally but, globally. The CBD market is lucrative; in which the sales of CBD products in America are predicted to reach about $1.8 billion in 2022, showing how popular the cannabis component is. Whilst the use of CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular in our everyday lives, the health benefits are extraordinary – providing a great insight into why Cannabidiol is becoming a new medical frontier in the twenty-first century.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the component of marijuana which accounts for forty percent of the plant’s extract. A common misconception is that CBD causes you to feel “high” however, THC – the main component in weed – is what causes this. CBD only contains a very small percentage of THC, not enough to make you high but, to help sooth and relax you. CBD is mainly used to help ease anxiety and stress through a number of ways. Oil was the first major marijuana product which made its debut in the CBD market providing much curiosity amongst the public and becoming very popular after its release. Since then, manufacturers have produced a number of other ways for the public to consume CBD: through vape, tea, chocolate and lotions, to name a few. Whilst CBD is proven to help relieve stress and anxiety, the billion dollar component can help treat life changing illnesses such as: epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain.

Carly Barton is thought to be the first person in the UK to be given a cannabis prescription after she suffered a stroke. Before the cannabis prescription was assigned to her, doctors gave her opiates which were fifty times stronger than heroin for her chronic pain. The opiates, she said in an interview with i, left her feeling like “a zombie”. At the time, Carly had to pay thousands of pounds for her private cannabis prescription but, it left her feeling free of her pain. This is why CBD and medical marijuana has become much more popular amongst patients and the public in general – it is seen as a more natural medication and is free of the harsh chemicals found in many of the drugs we are prescribed to by our doctors.

The CBD interest and popularity has gone through the roof in recent years and is providing a huge turning point in the medical world and industry. It can be also be said that it’s providing a turning point culturally. Many of us grew up and were taught the idea that weed is bad for you and can become incredibly addictive. However, CBD has changed this and shaped the way we see and use marijuana to cure our anxieties. As well as curing those who desperately need help, and to release themselves from the harsh chemical-fuelled drugs we are given by the doctors. In America alone, there are over 850 brands of CBD products available and this will only go up with the extensive amount of research into the weed component which is changing the lifestyle of many in the twenty-first century.


Image by Frankie Stevens.


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