Returning Label volunteer Leah Langley brings you a review of Tom Walker’s debut album.


Tom Walker started his year off winning Best British Breakthrough at this years Brit Awards, before releasing his much-awaited debut album; What a Time to Be Alive. The writing and lyricism of this album asserts Walker’s talent in the face of adversity and indifference. His voice has become known for its variations as it sounds prematurely aged and growly making him highly distinctive compared to other current chart-toppers.

The album boasts 13 tracks, which mix slow instrumentals with elevated vocals and help create a uniquely brilliant journey for listeners. Alongside previous fan favourites “Leave a Light On” and “Just You and I”, there are many new treasures to be uncovered with each individual track impacting the audience.

Walker doesn’t shy away from pressing at people’s emotions, but he is able to do so without scaring them away. For example, despite the hit track “Leave a Light On” focusing on the difficulties of drug addictions, it still went on to be featured in high-end TV adverts and is often heard being broadcast from radios.

“Angels” is the song that starts this album off. It is moving, authentic and encapsulates you straight away leaving you wanting more from the offset. The first stand out moment for me came in track 3: “Not Giving In”, which is a very upbeat and energetic track that embodies the message of hope and optimism carried throughout the whole album.

“Blessings” is the track from which the album’s title is derived and it serves as another reminder of the impressive vocals that Walker has to offer. The hauntingly beautiful piano-led “Fade Away” was another highlight that hits you right in the heart and takes you on an emotional journey. The final track “Walk Alone” features Rudimental and leaves you wanting to put it on repeat for a long time.

The album is the perfect representation of Tom Walker; it is genuine and heartfelt and you are left wanting more. If this album is anything to go off, then Walker can look forward to many more successes within the industry. What a Time to Be Alive.


Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna


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