Label goes you the lowdown on your candidates for media chair: Chris Leroux, Meg Jocson-Ong and Ed Radford. (Answers given in alphabetical order of first name)

How do you feel this last year has gone? Do you think each section has been successful?

Chris: I think we’ve made a lot of progress over the past year. Firstly, LSUTV, have created two brand new shows, with regular volunteers! Then Lens, just gets better and better with training as well as photos. LCR has many more regular shows and the quality of that is just fantastic! Finally, but certainly not least, Label have impressively published an article a day since September and their social media presence has exploded.

Ed: This year has seen an influx of new content which is fantastic. Seeing new people introduce and execute their idea is exactly what this section should be about. Watching each section go about utilising there skills and volunteers in there own individual way is something I believe to be really positive. Every section is not the same and a one size fits allattitude is never going to work. Some excellent building blocks for the future have been set out this year.

Meg: LSU Media has gone through quite the roller coaster this year from what I’ve heard and I think each section has improved to a certain extent – for example, I’ve noticed a lot more articles and volunteer writers emerging this year compared to the years before, LSUTV has been producing more quality content, LCR have had more opportunities and Lens has been covering more events than ever.

What is your motivation for running?

Chris: I’ve wanted to run since I started media. When the role was paid I was always going to run for it at the end of my final year, but now it has become voluntary I feel I can lead my peers now.

Ed: I want to see the section succeed. Next year is going to be a huge shift in responsibilities and the way in which we get this approved and structured. I believe with my experience I have the attitude and personality to ensure that this transition is as comfortable as possible.

Meg: Keeping the volunteers happy in media is what’s keeping me motivated for running for Chair. Since being in their position, I really got to understand what’s most important to us and that we don’t get taken granted for.

How have you been involved in media?

Chris: I’ve been a volunteer since my own freshers’ fortnight, initially volunteering with Lens volunteer and then moving more towards LSUTV and co-hosting on LCR.
This year I have been the Chair of Hall Media and the Assistant Station Manager of LSUTV, as well as writing multiple articles for Label, hosting my own show on LCR and taking photos at events with Lens.

Ed: Gonna summarise these (its easier):

Rigg Rut Media Rep 2014
Vice Chair of Hall Media 2015
Assistant Head of Media 2016
Societies Executive Media Officer 2017
Part of the core team to win 4 NASTAs in 2017
Match Report Presenter 2016-17
Bubble Debate Presenter 2016
Lens, Label, LSUTV and LCR Volunteer from 2014 – Present

Hopefully thats enough to start with.

Meg: In my first year, I did mostly lens and LSUTV projects. However, I was more involved in my second year, where I became Lens’ Head of Shoots and Events and got involved in other parts of media such as LSUTV, Label and even LCR. Despite being on placement this year, I have stayed in contact and written several articles for Label.

How do you want to move media forward? Sum up your main aims in one sentence.

Chris: I want to change the structure we operate on, we’ve been linear with everyone reporting directly to the Chair/EO/VP for a while now, which is no longer possible with an unpaid Chair; we need to compartmentalise it to ensure a flow of ideas and content.

Ed: I don’t really believe media needs to be specifically moved forwardI think media needs to begin to focus on itself. Media spends a vast amount of time and resources doing things for others (this is a fantastic thing). However I do believe media needs to start to focus more on its volunteers and creating an environment of inclusivity and creativity.

Meg: My main aim is to let everyone understand how important LSU Media is here in the university to stop us being overlooked.

What’s the main thing you want to achieve this next year?

Chris: I want everyone to enjoy LSU Media as much as I have.

Ed: A CVA style portal for media volunteers and opportunities.

Meg: I want everyone to feel belonged and valuable since LSU Media would be nothing if it wasn’t for its members.

If you were a biscuit, what would you be and why?

Chris: If I had to pick one it would probably be a ginger snap, because for me they’re rare to find but when you do it brightens up your day!

Ed: Oreo… they have two main parts: the firm crunchy outside and a loving soft delicious centre -just like me. (yes im aware how corny this soundsim not changing it though)

Meg: I would be a Jaffa cake because I think it’s the dark horse amongst other biscuits. It’s also sweet, tangy and full of character.


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