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Well done to the new Exec team this year, if you haven’t been following along with Media’s elections coverage, here are your Exec team and paid Section Heads for 2019-20. The results of which hall/department/year/AU Club had the highest voter turnout can be found here.

University Appoints new Head of Para Sport

Loughborough University has appointed Nik Diaper as its new Head of Para Sport, the first role of its kind within higher education. The appointment signals the roll out of a new strategy for Loughborough to establish itself as the pre-eminent university for para and disability sport globally. Diaper is currently Head of Performance at the British Paralympic Association (BPA) and is due to take up his new role at Loughborough on June 1.

International Women’s Week

Loughborough Women’s Network are putting on seven events next week, including the “I weigh” campaign on Monday, an Inspirational Female Leaders Panel on Thursday, a Women’s March on Friday and ending the week with a trip to see Captain Marvel in Lboro on Saturday! There’s heaps to get involved with so do go along, everyone’s welcome!

Brief Brexit Overview

Theresa May has had to concede that if she fails to have her Brexit deal approved in Parliament, and if Parliament then votes against the idea of leaving the EU with no deal, MPs will have a vote (on 14 March) on delaying the whole process. At the moment, the UK imports about 30% of its food from the EU and another 10% from the rest of the world.If the current proposal goes through, there will be a 21-month transition period during which nothing will change while the UK and the EU try to work out a future trade agreement.

Bestival Death

A man who gave his girlfriend drugs at a festival and filmed her as she died has been jailed for her manslaughter.  Louella Fletcher-Michie, was found dead in woodland near the Bestival site in Dorset after taking the drug 2CP. Ceon Broughton was found guilty of manslaughter and supplying the Class A drug by unanimous verdict on Thursday. He has been sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison.

2-Year-Old Pup goes from Rags to Riches

Shelby was first spotted sifting through garbage at a landfill near Nashville, Tennessee two years ago. She was then whisked away to a local animal shelter where she was fed and vaccinated. Most importantly, they snapped some photographs of the pup’s smiling face as part of their daily efforts to improve adoption rates.

In Hollywood, filmmakers were preparing to start work on a new movie called A Dog’s Way Home. As filmmakers began their search for the perfect dog, the book’s author insisted that the canine actor be a rescue dog in order to properly advocate for the novel’s message. The producers then hired Teresa Ann Miller, an experienced dog trainer who has recruited and worked with hundreds of Hollywood dogs, to find suitable candidates among America’s many shelters.

It turned out that Shelby’s behaviour and temperament were perfect throughout the three months of training.Now showing in theatres, Shelby has fetched heaps of praise for the way she carried the humour and drama on her little shoulders.


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