Our Label Volunteer, Vicki Phillips is here to help YOU pick the perfect New Years Resolutions for your BEST year of life yet!


With 2018 at an end and 2019 already kicked off, I can guarantee that you’re all searching for the best way to have best the possible year and be the best version of yourself. Gym memberships will be purchased, diet plans prepared and promises to spend less money all occur. But even though improving ourselves is never a negative, we place so much pressure on setting new goals that the majority of people simply forget about them with a month. Therefore, I’m proposing some new resolutions which may not be of the traditional kind, but are definitely managable as well as exciting and inspiring.

Often, our resolutions fixate on the prospect of needing to improving ourselves but I believe in trying to embrace and remember the year is simply just as important. My suggestions are to think of a thoughtful resolution, to do something everyday to ensure you remember this great year ahead.

  1. Song of the day – My friend proposed this to me last year, being the idea that each day of the year you add a new song to a playlist. The song can be of any memory, good or bad but is significant to that day. When I now listen to my playlist of 2018, songs that were of no importance to me in 2017, now have a great memory behind them.
  2. Read a quote everyday – To motivate yourself to be the best possible version of yourself, you could read a quote to inspire you for the day ahead. Make a collection of these to then look back on in years to come and remember how they helped improve your year.
  3. Picture everyday –In 2019, you could take a picture of a memory, whether it be yourself, your view or a friend to remember that day and then create a scrapbook of all the images to have something to look back on to remember.

However, it is also important to focus your efforts on becoming a better person this year. This does not mean having to quit eating as much chocolate, where as this is always good for you, but maybe consider focusing on the bigger picture.

  1. Improving the environment – Consider trying to focus a small amount of effort each day to becoming more environmentally friendly. This can be through cutting down on water or electricity (also saving money on those house bills) or through cutting down on meat consumption through eating meat only 3 days a week.
  2. Educating yourself – This isn’t just promising to study more this year, but trying to educate yourself in other areas. Maybe follow the news more closely, through promising to read a newspaper a week, following a columnist or just simply turning the 6’o clock news on TV whilst you cook your tea. Try to learn more about our world and politics.
  3. Volunteering – It is always important to give back to your community. This can be through getting involved in 1 action or RAG activity in the whole of 2019, as then you will know you will have helped someone somewhere.


Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna


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