Label Volunteer, Mayowa Fagbure, brings you our latest review on Netflix superstar show, Black Mirror.


Regardless of the genres you enjoy watching, Black Mirror is a show you definitely need to add to your watchlist. Created by Charlie Brooker, it takes an interesting look at the future of a world driven solely by the advances of technology and its addictions. This could even be our world in 50 years, who knows? But seriously, if you’re looking for a series that’s slightly unnerving and completely unsettling, then bingo you’ve found a winner! The creator even stated in an interview with Channel 4 that his aim was to “actively unsettle people” and in saying that the first episode kicks off with creepy ‘what-if’ scenarios that are not too far off reality.

Imagine being able to resurrect your dead loved ones in the form of a life-like Artificial Intelligence? Or if you could put a time-limit on every relationship you ever had and allowed a dating application to pick your soul mate for you? Or how would you fancy being able to replay every single memory that you have? I bet no one’s asked you those questions before!

Although, the series largely focuses on technology, it also features a deeper reflection on humanity. There is evidently a power struggle between the developers and consumers of technology and debates about how the ‘creation’ can become the annoyance of the ‘creator’.

Fun Fact: The title, ‘Black Mirror’ reflects what we see when our phones, tablets or laptop screens are turned off – a dark reflection of ourselves. This Netflix original series is a cautionary tale about what happens when our hunger for power as human beings is combined with an easy means of exercising said power.

With 19 almost hour-long episodes spread across four seasons, it is definitely one to binge watchon a lazy weekend indoors and one to think about for the entire week ahead.


Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna


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