Today, the VP Affairs, Olly Norman, released the restructure of next year’s Executive team. While LSUTV have produced a video for you, we’ve also written a brief overview of the new structure and what it means for you.

There will now be 5 Major Sabbatical Officers. These are:

  • The Union President
  • The Union Vice President
  • Education Officer
  • Sport Officer
  • Welfare and Diversity Officer

Sitting below these, will be the 5 Section Chairs:

  • Action
  • Rag
  • Media
  • Societies
  • Enterprise and Employability

Alongside these Section Chairs will sit the final four positions:

  • International Chair
  • Postgraduate President
  • College President
  • The new Athletic Union Clubs Officer

The five major sabbatical officers will run the Union day-to-day, meaning the other roles can focus on their sections. All roles will be elected during the February 2019 Exec Elections, besides Media, Postgrad and International, which will be elected through different processes.

All Section Chairs will be elected by members of the Students’ Union, except for Media, which will be voted in by Media members. Postgrad and International will be elected by their own members; College will be elected by College students; and the AU Clubs Officer (replacing the AU Intern) will be elected by members of AU Clubs.

The five major roles will continue to be paid, along with all of the Section Chairs and AU Clubs Officer, except for Media. There’s been some controversy over this, as some students have discussed whether this will unbalance the equality of Section Chairs, though current Exec have said that the roles will remain equal. Media will retain one paid role, like all sections, their Intern. International and Postgrad positions also won’t be paid, while College will continue to be paid through Loughborough College.

This is the fourth time the Executive structure has been altered in five years, despite this inconsistency, the Exec maintain that it is for the benefit of the students. And while a lot of changes are being made, much of the role title changes make sense, and once the re-structure is in place, it will most likely benefit the streamlining of the Executive team.

If you have any more questions, you can visit the info page here.

Featured image and Exec Diagram by: Amie Woodyatt


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