As part of our new Exec Focus, Features Editor, Leah Langley, sent some questions to the Action EO, Joel Brocklehurst, about his role at the SU.


– What does your role entail?

As ‘Action Executive Officer’, my job is to oversee the volunteering opportunities for Loughborough University, College students and staff alike. Action offers over 40 projects across 7 different ‘sections’. The ‘Action Sport section’ offers the opportunity for groups of children and adults to experience the positive impact of engaging in sports. Our ‘International Section’ encourages our international students to get involved, whilst celebrating their cultures and sharing different language skills.

‘Young Persons’ is our largest section, this covers a variety of projects giving volunteers the chance to work with young people – from teaching them food preparation and healthy cooking skills at our ‘Kids Cooking’ project, to aiming to increase the number of young girls studying engineering through our ‘Robogals’ project. The ‘Community Outreach Section’ works to tackle social isolation – from feeding the less advantaged at the Action ‘Soup Kitchen’ to hosting a tea party in the Students’ Union for local elderly residents in the ‘Contact the elderly’ project.

Our ‘Equality and Diversity’ section works with some of the most vulnerable local people offering them opportunities for experiences, no matter their age and/or ability. Not only do we work locally, but our ‘Overseas’ section offers four projects that aim to help the international community – volunteering in India, Haiti, Uganda and Nepal. Last, but not least, is our ‘A-Teams’ section, which are lead by our Action Hall Representatives most Wednesday Afternoons – these projects include dog walking, gardening and helping the elderly with technology!

– What are you most looking forward to within Action this year?

I can’t wait to see the section develop and grow alongside the new ideas of the fantastic team that I am so lucky to have around me. The things we do as a section in the community are amazing and I look forward to seeing this work continue and grow – I can already see volunteers growing because of being in the section and seeing them reach their full potential will be great this year!

– Why do you think people should get involved in the Action section?

The people you meet and the friends you make are incredible! Being part of a section that does so much for different groups in different communities was the most rewarding thing I did during my time at university. Giving up (even a small amount) of your time to help other people feels amazing and it can make you a more well-rounded individual and you won’t regret getting involved!

– If you could have any famous person be involved in an Action project, who would you chose and why?

Morgan Freeman because no matter what Action Project you were on with him, everything would sound amazing if he was narrating it.

– What is your favourite thing about being EO?

Hearing all of the positive feedback about what volunteers, hall reps, project leaders, department SIO’s and the rest of the amazing action people have done in and for the local and international community! This section means so much to the people who are involved at each level – seeing that passion develop and turn into such positive work is easily my favourite thing about being Action EO. I often get thanked for the amazing work of all the Action volunteers and I can by no means take the credit for this, the students and the ‘Action People’ that lead them are the ones who deserve that credit – they are amazing!

– What is a fun fact about yourself?

Pretty intolerant to lactose and I definitely don’t take it seriously enough… Not fun for Anne Cato, the Action Administrator, who I share an office with 🙂


Editors Note: Joel’s words have been edited down to a lower word count, but if you have any more questions about Action, do contact him here.


Featured image by: Emily Hook


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