Our Music Editor, Henna Amin, brings you the latest on the Freshers Lineup.


Freshers is going to be the maddest two weeks of your uni life: full of nights out, fun and new friends. Here’s a low-down of what the soundtrack to your start at Loughborough will sound like.

First up is the Union. Loughborough Student’s Union is home to 3 club rooms. The main room, Room 1, plays the latest in house and pop music, while if you venture upstairs to Fusion, it’s a completely different story. Think Wonderwall, Mr Brightside, Mans Not Hot – if it’s cheesy, odds are it’s on in Fusion. Back downstairs now and you’ll find Cognito (Cogz for short) where you’ll find hip-hop, R&B and trap music playing all night.

Throughout the week there are various events going on, but your main club nights at the SU are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesday night is Stuesday (short for Stupid Tuesday), which is the perfect budget night, with cheap entry and drinks deals. But beware – only Fusion is open so be prepared for the cheese.

If you’ve survived after those 7 VK’s from Stuesday then next up on Wednesday night is Hey Ewe, the Union’s sports night. All three rooms are open, and don’t be surprised if you see a few people dressed up weirdly or some kind of competition going on – it’s just the sports teams.

And then last but far from least is FND every Friday. This is the night to get dressed up (but don’t worry, trainers are definitely still safe), party until 4am, then pick up a Papa Si’s for the way home.

The Union will be the central point of your Fresher’s Week, hosting other major events alongside the regular schedule you just read. It’ll also host the Sing Off, where the halls battle to be crowned best on campus, and the Club MTV tour comes to Loughborough with DJs R3WIRE and VARSKI spinning the latest club anthems. And we can’t forget the biggest event of Fresher’s: the Fresher’s Ball. The whole Union transforms into a fairground for one night, with bumper cars, fireworks and more, and features huge performances from Lethal Bizzle, Big Shaq, Philip George and Kelli Leigh to welcome you to Loughborough the right way.

Sounds like quite a lot, right? But the Union is far from the only place to go out in Loughborough. Head into town on a Monday and Firefly has its resident night, Bad Manners – this is one for you hip-hop and R&B heads. On a Thursday, you’ve got XO Thursdays at Revs – the dressiest night in Loughborough. Still keen on a Saturday? Echoes provides a dose of House and Techno.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re into house, chart, or hip-hop music – you’ll be able to find your place to vibe during your time in the Loughborough bubble.


The full line up of Freshers acts can be found here.


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