Role profile for Label Head of Design

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the design of Label’s articles
  • Manage the creation of posters to advertise Label
  • Correspond with editors to see what articles are coming in the next 3-4 weeks
  • Liaise with the LSU Media Head of Marketing & Design to provide training for Label Design volunteers
  • Attend committee meetings

Role profile for Label Assistant Head of Design

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Support the head of design by assisting with posters, creating pieces of artwork and maintaining the design of Label
  • Posting briefs to the Label design volunteers page
  • Attend committee meetings


• Chance to work creatively outside of your degree.
• Have your work and creativity published, which can be shown in a design portfolio.
• A great addition to a CV.
• Learning how to manage a team and gaining time management skills.

Useful previous experience:

• A knowledge of InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop.
• Experience designing for Label magazine, in order to know the process and time frames.

Average time commitment:

• Around 10 hours per week plus additional time in the run up to each of the special editions.
• Additional time during Exec Elections.

Responsible to:

Media EO, Label Editor.

You can apply here. Deadline 24th June.

For more information and all finished applications, contact Chris Leroux.


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