This Easter we have a lot to be excited about. Culture is constantly changing around us and although it’s hard to keep track of everything, Amie Woodyatt, brings us a few things you need to check out!

Most of us by now have seen the record-breaking film Black Panther, but the album is equally as incredible. Kendrick Lamar, Anthony Tiffith and director Ryan Coogler create a moving collection of songs featured in the movie and involve a range of talented musicians. A number of women also make it onto the track list, including SZA, Jorja Smith and Babes Wodumo. This album is certainly worth a listen, especially if you need a broad introduction into Hip-Hop and RnB.

As we had the International Women’s Day this month, it’s also worth looking out for some of the women currently working their way into the charts or powering up the charts in their respective genres. The only woman currently in the UK top 5 for this Easter is Jess Glynn, featuring on Rudimental’s track These Days. But do check out Sia’s feature on David Guetta’s Flames, Kehlani with Charlie Puth in Done For Me and for your own sake, if you haven’t already, listen to Beyonce’s Lemonade, H.E.R., and the UK’s own Dua Lipa.

We also have some exciting things to look forward to in TV and cinema! After Black Panther stole everyone’s thunder, the hype for Marvel’s Infinity War is huge, almost as huge as the cast list. The release date is Friday 27th April, so write it down in your diaries, as tickets will be selling out quickly!

If you didn’t see The Handmaid’s Tale last year, get on it folks. Series two comes out on Hulu in late April, so it will probably make it to the UK’s screens mid-May and if series one is anything to go by, we should be excited. The dystopian novel, adapted for the screen, illustrates a strict world of faith where freedom of speech, intellect, and body have been completely taken away. This is all made a little scarier and surreal as events happening around the world could lead to such procedures being enforced on society. 10/10 worth the watch.

Speaking of scary events in society: one book to read is Watchmen, a DC comic by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Even if you’ve never looked twice at a comic, this will introduce you to a whole new genre, while giving a gruesome, bloody twist on events of the 80s. Another book to look out for is the highly anticipated Becoming by Michelle Obama. This memoir will be an incredible read about everything Obama achieved, especially for women and Afro-Americans around the world. Unfortunately, it’s not out until the 13th of November! But it will be something to remember as soon as it is out: knowing Michelle it will be one of the best reads of 2018.

Amie Woodyatt

Illustration by Blagovesta Chobanova


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