University is an amazing time to experience different events and go through a lot of changes that ultimately shape you as a person. But, with university comes the infamous cliques of people and also people you see that you just can’t believe exist (like the girl who can do a full face of makeup for a 9am lecture – whoever you are CAN YOU TEACH ME?). So, I decided to compile a list of the people you should maybe steer away from at uni… until you realise everyone is actually quite nice even if they leave their protein shakes all over your kitchen.

The Cyclist

Okay wow, every time I hear that silly bell ring dictating me to move I can’t help but roll my eyes, it dings me back to reality and reminds me that I’m on my way to a lecture – half awake and full of caffeine attempting to revive my brain. I used to be annoyed at the sound of the tinny bells, but I’ve had to dodge rogue cyclist’s multiple times, my thought process instantly used to go to ‘I’m at Loughborough and these people are probably training for the Olympics’ but now it goes to ‘I’m too tired to care about moving out of the way’. But, Cyclists are wild – they’re always on a mission, ready to run people over to get wherever they need to be and plus sometimes they have to carry their bikes around with them and look a bit silly. Just avoid or wear protective gear at all times.

The ‘Cultured’

There is nothing worse than listening to people go on about all their fancy holidays, we get it – you went on an extensive gap year and are lucky enough to travel to exotic, amazing places but don’t be shocked when we tell you we’ve never been to half the places you have. Some people are fortunate enough to have multiple holidays in a year whilst some are happy enough with their family holiday every few years – let’s remember that we don’t all have access to the same experiences! These ‘cultured’ people will be easily identified with elephant memorabilia, wall hangings and let’s not forget the all so infamous Thai harem style pants often adorned with tribal prints.


The Shorts and Flip Flops Guy

I don’t know how this guy does it, the beast from the east was upon us and this guy refused to change for anyone – not even a snow storm. Half the time I’m baffled with how they can withstand the cold windy breezes of Loughborough on their legs and the other time I’m proud of them for being dedicated to their brand. Now that I’ve written this I find this person admirable – maybe we should befriend these guys and make them teach us about dedication?

The Athlete

They’re all over Loughborough campus and can be easily identified by their AU hoodies or the crutches and casts that have almost become an accessory to the athlete. When I told my parents that I don’t go a day without seeing someone with crutches, they thought I was kidding. Did you know that the person is in AU? If not, how – it’s all they talk about. They’re so dedicated to their training that you’ll barely see them. PLUS, they leave their sports equipment, protein shakers and protein powders everywhere.

Or, if you’re like me just ignore everyone. Kidding (…maybe) but uni is fun and a time to explore and experiment with who you are. This article was all light fun and these people are all individual and fun in their own way, I want the dedication the cyclist and shorts + flip flops guy show, the experiences of the cultured and the fitness level of the athlete. Do you have anymore people to add to the list? Leave it in the comment below!

Becky Gibbs


Design by: Phoebe Rose Logan


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