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I’m Jewel Miah, aged 42, I’ve grown up in the town and I am married with three children. I attended local schools, including Loughborough College before going on to University to gain a degree in Business. I am currently a store manager for a multi-national company. I am also very active in the town as a local councillor where I was instrumental in the development of the area around the train station and the new Baxter Gate development housing the new Cinema.
The most important issue facing the country is the exit from the EU. I voted to Remain in the EU and now that the Conservatives are taking us out, I will fight for the best deal that protects jobs, rights at work and allows access to the single market – Leaving the EU on good terms. 
Also student debt is high on the agenda. I support the scrapping of tuition fees. I didn’t have to pay it whilst at University and also had the benefit of a maintenance grant. I’m in favour of reinstating Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) payments. Labour is proposing all of these proposals as part of our Education strategy. Locally, I am in favour of licensed Houses of multiple occupations. This will make landlords of such properties in which students live meet higher safety and quality standards.
Label Comment: 

Having won a council seat in numerous local elections, Miah is clearly used to winning – will he be Labour’s lucky star in this snap General Election? Miah, unlike some candidates (from all parties) understands that we are leaving the EU, like it or not, and has his priorities right when he says he wants to ensure this is on “good terms”. I’m sure we are all, as university students, interested in Labour’s policy to scrap tuition fees, but I am still waiting on confirmation of when this will happen and more information on just how Labour will finance these changes. Perhaps Miah will provide me with these answers on Tuesday evening. The focus on better standards for student accommodation in the local area is also sure to be a popular policy with Loughborough students, and could certainly sway the voting public is Miah argues his case well during the big debate. Certainly a heartfelt bio containing some well thought out manifesto points for his target audience here, us, but can he deliver?


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