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Lib Dem policies: Students and Higher Education
David Walker is the Lib Dem Candidate for the Loughborough Constituency
Key Points
Lib Dems recognise the importance of Universities for the personal development of individuals and for the benefit of society. Loughborough University is a fantastic success story.
The greatest threat to students is the determination of the Conservative and Labour Parties to leave the European Union. The ability of universities to attract funding to maintain top-quality research activity and deliver the best teaching depends on being open and outward looking. The ability to attract and retain the best staff and students in our world-class universities is vital. Brexit undermines these at every turn. Lib Dems are campaigning against Brexit. Vote Lib Dem.
Lib Dems are against student fees, which have been Conservative and Labour policy. To have voted against them in 2010 would have wrecked the Coalition, which turned out to be successful and allowed the Lib Dems to established a fairer system.We now have the highest university application rates ever, including from disadvantaged students. But the Conservatives are threatening to undermine opportunity by ending student bursaries, freezing the repayment threshold and raising the level of fees. 
Lib Dems will reinstate maintenance grants for the poorest students, ensuring that living costs are not a barrier to disadvantaged young people studying at university.

Lib Dems will remove students from the official migration statistics. It is ridiculous to count students in the immigration totals, and then to campaign to reduce the numbers. This is a bizarre act of self harming, normally considered a sign of mental instability.

Label Comment:

The Liberal Democrats currently have the support of 6-10% of the voting population, and their main policies include increasing spending on the NHS and education; reinstating housing benefit for young adults; and lowering the voting age to 16. David Walker seems interested in how this election will affect students, and many of the policies he discusses are invested in making higher education a financially viable option for all students. However, whilst the idea of scrapping tuition fees and re-instating maintenance grants are good ideas that will benefit numerous student, it will be interesting to see how the Liberal Democrats have budgeted for these initiatives.

Many people may have an issue with the Lib Dem proposal to make a U-turn on Brexit. Many students, including myself, voted to Remain in the Brexit referendum, and we were undoubtedly disappointed with the outcome, and the potential consequences this may have for Britain as a country. However, Britain had a democratic vote to decide whether or not Brexit should take place, and it is going against democracy to hold another vote, just because some of us were not happy with the way it panned out.


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