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Dr Philip Leicester is a university researcher investigating renewable energy systems. He has had a varied career in scientific research, the charity sector, running his own software development company, and latterly in engineering. His professional interests focus on the social, economic and environmental impact of low carbon technologies, to maximise the benefits for communities and ordinary people. In his private life, Philip has been involved in community campaigns, for social justice, sustainability, and a progressive politics, over many years. He is a long-standing member of the Green Party and has worked with other organisations, such as Unlock Democracy and Transition Town. He has also volunteered on homelessness projects and served as a charity trustee on several community organisations. To relax, Philip works on his allotment, enjoys a beer, and cooking south Asian food. Aged 54, Philip and his partner, Sue, have two children and they have been residents of Loughborough for 35 years.

Short Quote: 

Philip Leicester, the Green Candidate said “I’m standing to ensure climate change and social justice are the big issues heard in this election; the UK stands at a cross roads, either the country lets the Tories wreck our economy with, their erratic and unstable style of politics. Or, we pull together to vote them out of office. If they’re allowed to continue, not only will they set this country back decades, they will persist with their cruel and unjust austerity ideology and the destruction of our environment. Young people in particular are getting a raw deal and their futures are looking bleaker. We urge everyone, the young in particular, to get out and vote”

Personal Statement: 

I’m standing up for what matters, what really matters – social and environmental justice now, and for future generations.

I’ll be the candidate to put climate change, reducing pollution, and protecting the environment into the heart of the economic debate on the future of this country in a way which builds real long term security, resilience, and prosperity for us all in the long term.

I’ll be the candidate to argue for an end to the Tories’ cruel workfare and austerity ideology which punishes us all, particularly the poor, disabled and sick, and to push the unique green agenda for social justice – real social security which nurtures everyone through life’s stages, its ups and downs, regardless of personal means.

We have the broadest policy base of any party (‘leaked’ to the public by ourselves) to address these issues. There are four immediate struggles, close to my heart.

1. I am fighting against the sale of our NHS and the introduction of commercial charges and insurance, and for free and locally accessible health and care services.

2. I am fighting against grammar and free schools, and for good schools in every community where all our kids are nurtured to fulfil their potential.

3. I am fighting against climate change and fracking and for energy efficiency and clean renewable energy to create warmer homes and a million jobs.

4. I am fighting against the further erosion of our democracy and rights and for fair elections and a politics of participation in the community, district, region and state, and in the workplace.

All of these are under attack by the ideology of a right-wing UKIP-infiltrated Tory party. Bereft of ideas, their stock solution is to sell, sell and sell, to the ‘free’ market for the private profit of their corporate paymasters. They’re now coming for our NHS, our public services, our schools, and our universities, undermining democracy as they go, through eroded accountability and attacks on our trade unions and civil society organisations.

This is a continuation of the politics of greed over the last 40 years, a corporatist free market fundamentalism that has driven wedges into our society. As inequality in Britain has become one of the worst in all the world’s advanced economies, a deliberate diversion has been created by the right wing’s scapegoating of ‘the other’, increasing racism, homophobia, misogyny and the denigration of disabled people.

Whole communities continue to be sacrificed as collateral in pursuance of a failed ideology which promotes a selfish individualism. Only the Greens are standing for an authentic, collectivist, bottom-up strong and stable politics; the very opposite of a strong, centralised, authoritarian government, but strong and stable politics from the community, district, region and state, where all views are not just heard, but can actively participate in the process to create a good society in which people can lead secure high quality individual lives.

Join us, and stand up for what matters!

Philip A. Leicester

Green Party candidate, Loughborough Constituency

Label Comment

We’ve all come to university to become experts in our field and hopefully get our dream job, and this is something we seem to hold in common with the Green Party candidate for Loughborough. He seems perfectly placed straddling politics and the world of renewable energy to be able to bring the Green Party the success it needs in this General Election to really make a difference. His four main points in his personal statement do seem to reflect an ideal world, and one we all surely want, but can he and his party deliver? What Leicester needs to do in the LSU debate is give us more of an idea of exactly how they will provide this seeming utopia, perhaps providing some financial backing to his claims. No doubt the heart of the Green Party is in the right place, and having clearly set out their campaign against the Conservative Party it will be interesting to see if they can outdo the incumbent residents of Number 10.


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