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Nicky Morgan, the Conservative Party Candidate for Loughborough
In 2010 and 2015 I had the great honour of being elected to be Loughborough’s Member of Parliament, and I’d love to carry on representing Loughborough and the University in the next Parliament. Being your MP is an immense privilege and a big responsibility. Those who’ve contacted my team to help with problems know we run an efficient office and although we can’t help with every problem we will always try. We’ve dealt with over 14,000 cases since 2010 including quite a bit of casework from students on issue such as immigration and queries about matters such as housing and council tax. I meet the new Student Union Executive every September and I also work with the Vice-Chancellor and other senior member of staff to ensure that Ministers are very aware of the University’s achievements and requests for support. 
Clearly the biggest issue in this election is the UK’s exit from the EU and how this will affect everyone’s future economic security. I campaigned to Remain but I accept the result of the 2016 Referendum and believe Theresa May is the only credible leader to negotiate our exit terms and forge a successful new partnership with the EU. Overall a stable economy and current and future job opportunities are particularly relevant to students and those about to graduate and Brexit must not undermine your futures.
I am passionate about helping the next generation find the right career path in an ever-changing world so in the past year we’ve hosted 72 work experience students in my offices including many politics and international relations students from the University. 
The full Conservative Party manifesto can be found here:

Label Comment:

In recent weeks the Conservative party has received many complaints, with hundreds of young people taking to social media to air their concerns over welfare cuts and increased privatisation of the NHS. However, Nicky Morgan has been representing Loughborough for the past seven years and seems to have a strong knowledge of what she is doing. Nicky’s bio focuses strongly on the relationship she has with Loughborough Students Union, and she seems to be invested in the students’ best interests: she understands the importance of high graduate prospects and has had experience dealing with a number of student problems.

Like many students who voted in the referendum, Nicky voted to Remain in the Brexit referendum, and she seems intent on getting the best deal for Britain as we negotiated our leaving deal. Nicky’s bio demonstrates many of the positive links and projects she has with the town and the students at the moment, however, it would be good to hear about new initiatives she has planned if she were to be elected again.


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