Nightline, ring any bells (excuse the pun, although it was very much intended)? Nightline is a completely student-led service created by students FOR student and sits under the student unions Welfare & Diversity section! We offer both a call service and also an instant messenger (IM) that is available on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays in term time; the call service is run from a private office on campus where volunteers stay over night and take calls from 8pm – 8am alongside responding to messages sent in on our IM (which is open until Midnight). We describe ourselves very much so like ‘a universities take on the Samaritans’, all of our volunteers have to undertake a training weekend to ensure that the values of Nightline are upheld and that they are all equipped with skills and the knowledge to deal with any calls we might receive.

So why would you ring Nightline?

Nightlines values are based on being non-judgemental, confidential, anonymous and non-advisory so you can call us about anything on your mind really! The service is often mistaken as being only for people who are in a dark place or dealing with concerns or issues in life and although our service is definitely appropriate for those types of calls, you can really ring us about anything!

“How long is Papa Si’s open for?”

“If I wanted to get a manicure, what nail salons does Loughborough have?”

“How much is it to get to Nottingham and back on the train?”

Nightline is a LISTENING service so although we can’t advise you on ‘what to say back to your house mate after that fight’ or that ‘they do sound like the symptoms of meningitis’ we do guide self-reflection, listen to everything that’s on your mind and can provide details and information of services that might be appropriate.

Nightline is not unique to Loughborough either; it is actually a nationwide association that many other universities offer! Loughborough Nightline is a relatively new service and is currently in its second full year of operation and expanding each year in awareness and volunteers and our service wouldn’t be possible to run without the support of all our student volunteers that help take our calls and messages!

How could I get involved?

Each year there are two opportunities to become a Nightline volunteer, which are in November and March and consist of a written application as well as an interview and training. Look out for our adverts for volunteers on our facebook page and also on W&D emails.

What does volunteering involve?

As a volunteer you would be expected to take on 3 shifts throughout each term, meaning you would stay overnight in our office with at least one other volunteer and ALWAYS under the supervision of a support volunteer who is there to be called upon in the night if there are any concerns as well as to prep you for the night ahead. Contrary to popular belief you CAN sleep on the shift! The office has three beds so you can sleep at any point however you do need to be up very quickly as soon as that phone rings!

So whether you think Nightline could be of service to you or if you are interested in getting involved, keep us in mind!

01509 227 650

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Francesca Lewis


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