There are a plethora of movies, television series and books dedicated to the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, from The Walking Dead to World War Z to Shaun of the Dead. We’ve probably all got a contingency plan in our heads if the worst ever happened: in true Simon Pegg style, I’m going to effortlessly fight a few zombies before heading to the Winchester and waiting for it all to blow over. However, recent research conducted by students from the University of Leicester has suggested it may not be that easy.

According to the Physics students who conducted the research, 100 days into a global zombie apocalypse, only 300 humans would be left in the entire world. Using the hypothesis that a human had only 10% chance of survival after encountering a zombie (we can’t all be Brad Pitt with lots of weapons), and that every zombie would discover at least one human per day, it was concluded that we have a pitiful survival rate. Apparently, the only hope for the survival of mankind would be for humans to get really good at killing off the zombies, whilst simultaneously having lots of babies: not really sounding too hopeful there then!

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By Ellie Mackenzie


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