This week we’re reporting on a story from the other side of the pond, as once again American lawsuits go to the extreme. The New York Post has reported that Nick Wilder, a New York City lawyer, is suing his neighbour over her incessant playing of Christmas tunes.

Lisa Maria Falcone is a New York socialite, married to billionaire businessman Phillip Falcone. Falcone has lavishly decorated their Upper East Side apartment, along with accompanying Christmas tunes playing from 7 in the morning till midnight. Wilder had filed a lawsuit against her, and will be representing himself if the case goes to court, where his aim is to win some peace and quiet over the festive period.

Wilder is evidently not a fan of his neighbour, for he told the Post: “She’s a prima donna who thinks she can do anything she wants without consideration for anybody,’ and she’s invading other people’s homes with her elevator music.’’ Apparently it is not only Falcone’s Christmas decorations that have had her neighbours in a tizz this year: her Halloween decorations of an old woman holding a dead baby were not received too fondly either.

Whilst I can understand that 17 hours of non-stop Christmas tunes is a lot to take, this story is one out of thousands that demonstrate just how ridiculous the system of suing in America has become. Do you think the lawsuit is ridiculous or well-deserved? Let us know in the comments. For more weird, interesting or humorous stories, head to the Label website and check out ‘One for the Weekend’!

-Ellie MacKenzie, News Editor


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