Chances are you may have heard of Sicario already. Directed by Dennis Villeneuve (whose new film Arrival is in cinemas now) it’s earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the tensest, most nail-biting films in recent memory. Set against a Drug War across the Mexican border the film consists of one unbearable suspenseful set piece after the next and doesn’t let up until it’s thrilling climax.

Now it’s available on Netflix and truly is a fantastic watch. It’s a fully immersive film, helped hugely by Emily Blunt’s great central performance. For the films first half we are made to feel all of Blunt’s frustration and confusion at just what military scenario she has gotten into and this sense of unknown is shown both through the performance and through the script and translates thrillingly to the audience.

On top of this, one of the most talked about performances comes from Benico Del Toro who is brooding and mysterious as the inscrutable CIA agent and equally menacing is his partner played by Josh Brolin. One of the films biggest strengths is its sense of mystery and in the first half of the film the performances by all three keep this at a high.

It’s also an amazing looking film with cinematography by Roger Deakins, one of the best in cinema. The film makes stunning use of the Mexican landscape as well as the more urban settings. One scene at a motorway border crossing is one of the best shot, most suspense filled scenes ever to appear on cinema.

With Villeneuve’s new film out in cinemas now, this is definitely the time to catch up on this modern classic. If you’re looking for a wildly entertaining and action filled two hours, check out Sicario on Netflix now!

-By Jamie Hutton, Culture Editor


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