Whether you’re planning a ‘Netflix and chill’, or just looking to pursue any form of entertainment in aid of avoiding coursework; you’re going to want to watch this week’s Netflix pick – ‘City of God’.

City of God provides a welcome alternative to the tedium of mainstream rom coms and action franchises that you may have previously endured during times of procrastination. if you’re looking for an intellectually stimulating narrative, this is for you. If you’re looking for an easy watch, this is also for you (if you don’t mind subtitles that is). The Foreign language biopic follows the story of multiple characters living in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, from childhood through to adolescence and eventually adulthood. The films multi-stranded narrative is told through the eyes of protagonist Rocket via the use of constant voiceovers, giving a Scorsese-esque feel to the film, almost in homage to classics such as Goodfellas and the age of innocence. If you are a fan of mafia/gangster titles, City of God acts as a more original strand of the sub-genre, deviating from the stereotypical Italian-American characterisation that carries so much iconography in modern Hollywood cinema. The films eye-catching cinematography and apt musical scoring make it a stylistic feast for the senses. However, the factual basis for its screenplay and production make the story truly authentic, ensuring no hint of ‘style over substance’.

City of God was met with critical acclaim, in the form of four academy award nominations, as well as acquiring a cult following; making it a must see for film buffs and passive spectators alike. If the film’s themes and motifs take your fancy, it’s also¬†worth giving French art house hit ‘La Haine’ a watch. Enjoy!

-By Adam Thompson


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