Bringing your car to Uni seemed like a good idea…

I’ve moved on from halls to town and have spent the entire summer driving myself around in my car. It seemed like a good idea to bring my car up; I can drive home after term finishes and bring in bigger shopping trips.

Then I realise I am at an extremely high risk of collecting a parking ticket, and have to purchase an expensive parking permit (£50!!) to park in town. Which takes at least 3 days to come. But this permit to park in town does seem useful, I can cruise over to pre’s at my friend’s house without facing the dark cold winter or encounters with roaming clowns. But then it becomes apparent there are ridiculous amounts of parking zones across Loughborough and I live in Kingfisher whilst they live in the student triangle.

However at least I can count on shopping trips to Aldi, living slightly out of town it’s been impractical until now, saving precious pennies. Wait, Aldi has been closed for a month? Trips to Sainsbury’s to load the boot don’t seem quite so worth it…

Petrol prices keep rising! I only wanted to fill my tank to go home for this weekend and it’s costing me more than at least a weeks worth of alcohol.

The lecture hall is really so close and to drive carries the chance of being caught parked on campus by security. I wonder how many times the security guy will believe I’m only here visiting a friend. Is it actually even any quicker driving when I have to drive all the way around and through town everyday?

At least there is one definite benefit! I can drive to Leicester to go shopping and even Nottingham to go to the Christmas market.

What?! You mean the overall cost of a bus or train ticket is cheaper than car parking?


Emma Morgan – Features Editor


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