If you are a sports fan or a sporty fresher interested in joining a team, DO NOT miss out this week’s major events.

Soon enough, Loughborough Uni’s first teams will INSPIRE YOU to get involved.

Here, check out the latest updates on major events, schedules and fixtures for this week.


Wednesday 19th October

Basketball Men’s 1 v Leeds Beckett Men’s 1

BUCS Premier North   13:00

Arena Carnegie, Headingley Campus, Leeds


Football M1 v Stirling M1

BUCS Premier North 14:00

Holywell 4, Holywell Sports Park


Football Women’s 1 v Northumbria Women’s 1

BUCS Premier North 14:00

Holywell 3, Holywell Sports Park


Volleyball W1 v Leicester W1

BUCS Midsland 2A   14:00

Netball Centre, Loughborough University Campus


Rugby League M1 v St Mary M1

BUCS Premier South   16:00

1st XV Rugby Pitch, Loughborough


Volleyball M1 v Cranfield M1

BUCS Midlands 1A   18:00

Sports Hall, Cranfield University


Rugby Union M1 v Bath M1

BUCS National Premier 18:30

Infield, Sports Training Village, Bath


Basketball W1 v St Andrews W1

BUCS Premier North   19:00

St Andrews University Sports Centre


Sunday 23rd October

Cricket M1 v Northamton M1/ v East Anglia M1 & M2

BUCS Indoor Cricket (Midlands) 11:00

Crown Hills Community College, Leicester


Futsal M1 v Bedfordshire M1

BUCS Midlands Premier   14:00

Polhill Campus, Bedford


Loughborough Ready to Launch Victories

The home sides are ready to serve a bag of ‘home-made’ goals to their away guests, Stirling Men’s and Northumbria Women’s first teams tomorrow on Wednesday 19th OCT. They are both VERY BIG games for Loughborough and WE NEED YOU to come out and shout out for the home teams.

COME ON OUT and let’s show them what Loughborough is made of.

KICK-OFF at 2PM for both Men’s and Women’s, Holywell Sports Park.

Get yourself ready

By Jin-Hyoung Shin


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