If you’re having a lazy Sunday in bed or know you’ll have a few spare hours this week why not spend it binge watching our Netflix pick of the week Black Mirror.

Charlie Brooker’s dark and satirical TV show is one that should definitely be on your to watch list. Each episode features a different cast, different plot, and different setting but will leave you on the edge of your seat. If you’ve ever wondered what the effect of technology in the modern world has on our brains and wider society then this is the TV programme for you.

Designed to make you really think and to shock and disturb you each episode brings with it a new sinister scenario that leaves reality slightly blurry. From how social media controls us to artificial intelligence, TV, the media and the government everything has been covered on the sci-fi show. Black Mirror does what no other TV show dares to do, it uses the modern world we know as a setting for dark and complex storylines to portray the kind of world we live in and are creating for future generations. Thought provoking and filled with gruesome plot twists once you start you’ll almost definitely want to carry on. Luckily the third season is being released exclusively on Netflix on October 21st, with the first two seasons available to watch now so there’s plenty of time to catch up before the sure to be explosive third season comes to life.

By Lydia Kah-Pavlou


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